Insect Technology

Insect Technology


Amusca’s starting point: it is important to treat people, animals and the environment with respect.  Our success depends on  healthy insects that live in an efficient and high-quality housing.

Our knowledge of insects inspired us to develop insect technology that enables you to introduce insect larvae in your business operations. Without the hassle of mass insect larvae breeding by outsourcing this specialized process to insect service provider Amusca.


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Insect Breeding Module

The Amusca Insect Breeding Unit produces daily a mix of 5 tonnes of larvae, crude fibre and minerals. With the Amusca Insect Breeding module we offer you the possibility to produce insect larvae in a safe and stable way. The system is scalable and cost-effective, allowing you to run it with relatively limited investment.

The modular system consists of 40-feet High Cube (HC) containers. The adult flies live in these modules, producing eggs and larvae are reared.

Depending on your desired production capacity, more modules can be installed at any time, reducing your investment risk and payback time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Operating the Modules

We understand that insect production is not your core business. That is why the production process is designed to operate anywhere with Amusca software and  monitoring, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

For the installation of hardware, substrate selection, module start-up, quality control, maintenance and support the local Amusca partner will offer you all the support you need.


24/7 Module Monitoring

The Insect

Amusca is the Musca Domestica specialist. The insects you need for your business are chosen with care and  distributed to your production site from our breeding centre.



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Feeding the larvae

Insects and in particular maggots are capable to convert organic co-products components into valuable nutrients finally resulting in high quality protein products. Most of these co-products are unfit for human or production-animal consumption, but are attractive as insect feed.

Feedstock from organic co-products therefor play an important role in insect nutrition. The variety of available feedstock is huge. Many feedstock are financially attractive and available in large quantities, in particular in urban areas.

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Amusca is committed to achieve a high level of animal health protection  through the production of safe products. Our quality system encompasses all production steps, from the feeding of the insects, their breeding and all related processing steps, up to the final delivery of the product to our clients, in compliance with GMP+ standards and following the IPIFF Guide on Good Hygiene Practices.