Partner and Training Program

Partner and Training Program

Reliable local partners are key

We understand that the right partners are critical to successful business growth and the development of new markets. Drawing on Amusca’s in-depth insect and product know-how, our partners work side-by-side with customers to make our cutting-edge technology work to their advantage.

Amusca has several types of partners. You will find a brief description below.

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Training and experience program

In-depth insect and product know-how is needed to be able to deliver quality services. Amusca develops a training and experience program for certified personnel of our partners and/or corporate clients. The training consists of online courses, as well as indepth experience sessions.

Our training program

The Zootechnical partner

The local Zootechnical partner is the lead contact for the customer. Having a network in the aquaculture, poultry or petfood industry as an organisation or professional, is a perfect starting point when combined with professional animal feed expertise.

The main services to the client concern consultancy (Business consultancy, Application consultancy, Animal Feed consultancy, Substrate consultancy). After the Amusca training program the Zootechnical partner is also able to render more services, such as local  insect population start up, 24/7 zootechnical support and quality control.

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The Equipment partner

The local Equipment partner has broad expertise in installing, maintaining and supporting technical installations in the poultry, aquaculture and petfood industry. The main services to the customer concern configuration consultancy, local hardware installation, local preventative maintenance and 24/7 hardware support.

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The Module Manufacturer

Amusca has licensed the production of the Amusca Breeding Modules to third parties: The Module Manufacturers. The modules are shipped directly from the production site to your location. From there your local Equipment partner takes over.

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The Feed Supplier

In some areas of the world the supply of quality co-products streams- suitable as larvae feed- is very well organized. Companies that Amusca considers a trustworty supplier of larvea feed can be recognized as Amusca Certified Supplier Feed.

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