More Benefits

More Benefits

Scalability: Whether on farm or large feed producing sites

The modular system makes it possible to adjust your required production capacity at any time, thus reducing your investment risk and the payback time.

Insects Planet Friendly and Natural Feed Source

Insects are quite efficient with the resources of our planet.

Opportunity to produce on site with regional available raw materials

The insect larvae production is possible anywhere and at any time where sufficient co-products are available.  From a sustainability perspective Amusca promotes producing at the site where the larvae are needed.



Natural use of Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungi qualities of larvae

The production process is engineered to take advantage of the antibacterial qualities of the larvae during the larvae breeding process. Bacterial, viral and fungi related processes are immediately cut out during production. Bacteria, virusses and fungi at the end of the production process are expected to be well within the safety limits.



Economical benefits

With Amusca technology you can create a stable larvae production at a competitive price. Our technology converts substrates which are locally available into safe, high-quality larvae products with the aid of insects. By using our technology, you’ll avoid all kind of intermediate steps, logistical costs and marketing expenditures. A perfect solution from an economical point of view.

Share your ideas!

At Amusca we love innovation and suggestions to improve our technology. The system might also be adapted for other insects and/or other goals. You are most welcome to share your ideas with us!

Share an idea!