Amusca announces comprehensive training program initiative!

Amusca announces a comprehensive training program. A must for everybody interested in our Insect Technology. 


How to choose a suitable insect substrate? A basic introduction.

The first online training in our online training programm is Basis Substrate choices, an online training in the Amusca Feed line of expertise. You need a basic level of understanding of feed methodology and terms to follow the course successfully. You will receive a readerupfront and an intake test will be provided. The training consists of 4 individual live webinar sessions of 1 hour. Upon completion of the intake test you will be enabled to schedule the webinar sessions. After the training you have a basic understanding of the selection process for insect feed substrates in your local environment.

Want to learn about the great potential of insects?

Amusca’s training program are developed for customers, partners and everybody interested in the potential of insects.  Amusca has a training and certification programme in place to enable local staff and partners to work with our insect technology. It’s a wide-ranging training programme, consisting of online sessions and practical sessions.

Amusca offers online exams to certify the know how level in different fields of expertise, such as Equipment, Insect, Feed and Consultancy.

For more information visit our special trainingsite: