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The Amusca Insect Breeding Unit produces daily a mix of 5 tonnes of larvae, crude fibre and minerals. All valuable feed components. The specifications of the mix may be adapted to your wishes by changing the insect line and the substrate composition.

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Feed the healthy fresh mix direct to poultry

Poultry is an insectivore by nature and therefor love to eat healthy insect larvae. The daily production of the module is sufficient to feed 100,000 chickens. By using the right GMP substrates to feed the larvae, separation is not necessary. The diet includes suffient lipids, proteins and crude fibers. Pure the Natural Way!

P.s. At this moment this is in Europe the only allowed method to use the rich insect feed with poultry.

Researching Insects for optimal Poultry feed

Feed a dried mix to poultry

An excellent alternative to feed poultry. Add a drying process to the insect breeding module that fits your needs directly at the farm or at a feed producing location.

We expect this method to be allowed in Europe in the early 20s.

Why is a separator not (always) necessary?

GMP+-grade raw materials are used in the Amusca system. It is therefore not necessary to separate the larvae with the residual substrate. The residual material can also be provided as animal feed. The value is higher, thanks to this, than when it is separated from the larvae and sold as compost (like other insect growers have to do). The crude fibre content is lower than is necessary according to the welfare rules and is thanks to this not restrictive.

If I want a separator anyway?

Amusca delivers the larvae producing machines. The follow up process needs to be filled in by our clients. But we might bring you into contact with worldclass parties able to assist you with the separation process. 

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The larvae form an excellent basis material for aquaculture feed. Rich in proteins. Comparable to fishmeal, but produced in a sustainable way.  Add a process that suits your needs, whether separation, drying, excruding or processing into meal and lipids  to produce high value feed against substantially better economical and environmental conditions.

Researching Insects for optimal Aquaculture feed


The larvae  form an excellent raw material for the pet industry. Rich in proteins. Add a process that suits your needs, whether separation, drying, excruding or processing in to insect meal or lipid oil.

Separation into two valuable products

Use GMP substrates to feed larvae and avoid waste products. Add a separation process to produce two valuable products for further processing. The first product is a 100% larvae product, the second stream is a mixture of Crude Fiber and 10% larvae. An excellent product for the poultry industry.

Amino acid profile of the Musca Domestica Larvae (L3)

The amino acid profile of the larvae shows strong similarities with fishmeal. If you had always wanted to add fishmeal to the feed, but this was too expensive or would like to replace fishmeal because it is not sustainable, then Amusca has a perfect alternative.