More Information about Produced Mix

More Information about Produced Mix

Composition of the daily produced mix

If GMP+ quality feed is chosen, the total product (larvae, crude fibre and minerals) can be applied in animal feed. The composition of the Amusca Mix depends on the feed given to the larvae. 

Example based of a Corn Steep and Beet Pulp ( all GMP feed quality) diet for the larvae

Adapt the mix to your wishes

Variation in carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the feed of larvae also results in a variation in the end product. Tell us your wishes and we will give you tailor-made advice.

How to influence the end product?

The composition  is influenced by genetic variation of the Amusca produced Musca Domestica fly strain and the feed composition. In this picture you see how certain feed components in the substrates influence the ultimate product. Tell us your wishes and the local available substrates and our consultants will give you tailor-made advice.

Amino acid profile of the Musca Domestica Larvae (L3)

The amino acid profile of the larvae shows strong similarities with fishmeal. If you had always wanted to add fishmeal to the feed, but this was too expensive or would like to replace fishmeal because it is not sustainable, then the Amusca mix is a perfect alternative.