Feeding the larvae

Feeding the Larvae

The Amusca system distinguishes between the feeding of flies, L1 larvae and L2/L3 larvae. The food for flies and L1 larvae is provided by Amusca. These are small quantities in 25 kg bags or big-bags. 

For the L2/L3 larvae much more food is needed. Approximately 5000 kg per day. Products from, for example, the beer industry or the sugar industry can be used for this purpose. Amusca has developed a special online course with which you can select the right feeds for your larvae.

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Quality aspects

Our aim is to produce larvae that offer a predictable result. That’s why all the growing units, anywhere in the world, meet the same highest quality standards. All our locations need certification for all steps in the production process of the larvae. Starting with feeding the insects with quality feedstock.  This guarantees the animal feed safety of the products.

Each location needs a quality certificate. High quality larvae contribute to the success of your business and therefore Amusca invests continuously in the quality processes. Monitoring extensively for undesirable substances and microorganisms. This is part of the quality assurance of the larvae that Amusca supplies. We are also constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our advice and services. That’s how we make the difference!

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