24/7 Module Monitoring

24/7 Module Monitoring

The breeding process is managed and monitored by our cloud based software system, which is connected to your modules via the Internet. The system generates information on the performance that is 24/7 monitored by Amusca staff.

The modules are designed for continuous production. However, if and when technical issues arise that need local attention, the software system will automatically forward messages to local Amusca partners and/or certified staff of corporate clients to deal with these issues. All in close cooperation with Amusca staff.

The software algorithm

The core of the system is the software algorithm. This centre piece of our technology is based on many years of experience with the breeding of insects. Once the algorithm is tailored to your local circumstances you profit from the experiences. Our experts use the information from to continiously improve the algorithm and the performance of each module.


Internet of things technology

Our insect technology is based on reliable Internet of Things technology of Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Siemens.

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